Thursday, march 4

1 When is Innovative Finance Good for Development?
Owen Barder (Development Initiatives)
Inge Kaul (Hertie School of Governance, Berlin)
Moderator: Brian Love (Reuters)
Room Louis Armand 1. French - English translation available.

Innovative finance means many different things: it can mean new sources of revenue such as solidarity levies and new taxes, ways to spend money better by creating opportunities for front-loading and long term commitments, and getting more value for money by improving the allocation of risks or linking money to results.The workshop will explore these different possible benefits of innovative finance.


3 Innovating to Enhance Access to Finance – Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Peer Stein (IFC)
Susanne Dorasil (BMZ, G20), Marie-Florence Estime (OECD), Ary Naim (IFC), Pascale Lacombrade (Société Générale), Alain Larreture (TechDev)
Room Louis Armand 2. French – English translation available.
Download PDF File of A. Larreture - "Présentation du Fonds Afrique"More
There has long been a recognition that small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are constrained from growing in developing countries due to the lack of adapted financial services available to them. This session will bring together conclusions from a growing body of lessons learned on the effectiveness of mechanisms such as facilitating additional bank financing or risk capital, promoting financial infrastructure as well as interventions in government policy.

5 Health Microinsurance
Craig Churchill (ILO)
Bruno Galland (CIDR), Denis Garand (Denis Garand and Associates), Richard Leftley (MicroEnsure)
Room 3. Workshop in English.

Health microinsurance is drawing attention as a way to reach the informal sector that has been unreached by publicly funded health programs. This workshop will focus on how health microinsurance can serve as a leverage point to increase coverage, and what conditions must exist for it to actually improve access to critical health services and reduce the financial burden on households.


Thursday, march 4

7 Blending Grants and Loans
Carlos Braga (The World Bank)
Amar Bhattacharya (G24), Pierre Jacquet (Agence Française de Développement), Ugo Panizza (UNCTAD), Andrew Rogerson (OECD), Nigel Twose (The World Bank Group)
Room Gaston Berger. French – English translation available.
Download PDF File of A. Bhattacharya - "Blending Grants and Loans"Download PDF File of U. Panizza - "Grant versus Loans"More
Donors face a trade-off between grants and loans: grant resources are limited and more upfront resources can be mobilized if provided as loans. Yet loans put liabilities on the future. This workshop will discuss when donors should provide grants, when loans, and when a blend of the two. It will also focus on financial structures which allow such blending including concessional loans, buy-downs, debt relief and swaps and loan guarantees.


9 Innovative Finance for Food Security
Bruno Vindel (Agence Française de Développement)
Mark Van Ameringen (GAIN), Abel Lyimo (RUDI, Tanzanie), Juergen Siemer (DEG), Peter Tynan (DALBERG), John Wakiumu (AGRA)
Room C D. Workshop in English.

With international donor contributions representing only part of the necessary funding for achieving food security in developing countries creative financing is required to make up the gap. If the goals of the last World Food Summit are to be met innovative financial solutions need to be designed and implemented with a special emphasis on matching public and private financial resources. This workshop will explore a number of such solutions.


11 Socially Responsible Investments for Development
Asad Mahmood (Deutsche Bank)
Xavier de Bayser(IDEAM), Mark Mark Campanale (UK Social Stock Exchange, Halloran Philanthropies), Craig Courtney (GAIN), Anne-Catherine Husson-Traoré (Novethic), A. Regier (MMA, Stewardship Investing)
Room Louis Armand 1. Workshop in English.

In 2007 alone, US and European individuals and institutions invested a combined $5 trillion in Socially Responsible Investments (SRI). Yet, some 75% of these were simply passive investment screens. This session will focus on how to channel more SRI funds towards active vehicles, sometimes called impact investments, which make direct investments in international development efforts.

13 Remittances and New Financial Solutions for Migrants
Eric Duflos (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor)
Frédéric Bléhaut (Orange), Gaëtan Debuchy (Société Générale), Mouawia Essekelli (Attijariwafa Bank, Morocco), Mamadou Touré (Pamecas, Senegal), Alain Wormser (Banque d’Escompte, France)
Room 4. French – English translation available.

This workshop will showcase financial products both for migrants and for transferring remittances. It will focus on the regulatory environment for remittances, solutions to reduce costs, gaps between financial needs and available financial products, barriers for product innovation, mainstreaming of innovation, and further strategies to promote remittances.

Friday, march 5

14 Microsavings
Ian Radcliffe (World Savings Bank Institute)
Daryl Collins (Bankable Frontier Associates), Anne Karanja and Kiporir Kiplagat (Kenya Post Office Savings Bank), Totsie Memela (South Africa Post Office Group), Stephen Peachey (Oxford Policy Management)
Room 2. Workshop in English.
Download PDF File of D. Collins - "Portfolios of the Poor"More
Everyone benefits from healthy money management—especially people with little to spare. Poor households with access to savings accounts can manage unexpected events, invest in opportunities like education, and build financial security. This workshop will discuss the case for promoting microsavings as a key aspect of increasing access to finance among the poor and analyze ways to make its delivery cost effective.


16 Innovating to Enhance Access to Finance: Long-Term Finance for Essential Public Infrastructure
Priya Basu (The World Bank)
Jeff Delmon (The World Bank), Thierry Paulais (Cities Alliance), Sophie Trémolet (Trémolet Consulting), Christopher Vermont (GuarantCo)
Room Louis Armand 1. French – English translation available.
Download PDF File "Local Currency Finance, form theory to practice"Download PDF File "Long-term local currency finance of infrastructure_ financial intermediaries"Download PDF File "Water and sanitation Tackling the issue of scale via financial innovation"Download PDF File "Local government investment in LDC"More
Most infrastructure projects generate revenues in local currency and require long-term local currency financing. Access to such financing is a serious challenge for infrastructure project sponsors. This workshop will examine what constrains access to long-term finance for infrastructure and urban development in developing countries, discuss the impact of the global crisis and explore how innovative financial solutions can help address this challenge.

18 Incentivizing Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing and Emerging Countries
Sylvie Lemmet (UNEP)
Linda Broekhuizen (FMO), Recep Güleç (Halkbank, Turkey), Eveline Franco Veloso Susin (Banco do Brasil), Ercan Sayari (Nuh Cimento, Turkey)
Room Louis Armand 2. French – English translation available.

Agile financial incentives can reinforce Corporate Social Responsibility while improving competitiveness. Increasingly, financial institutions dealing with SMEs integrate CSR in their business models. Firms use financial solutions to integrate it in dealing with third parties. This workshop will discuss the success paths and point out their contribution to the Millenium Development Goals.

20 Financial Solutions for Product Development in Health
Gargee Ghosh (The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
Geoff Adlide (GAVI Alliance), Christopher Egerton-Warburton (Lion’s Head Global Partners), Holly Wong (IAVI)
Room C D. Workshop in English.
Download PDF File "Financial Solutions for Product Development in Health"Download PDF File of G. Adlide - "IFFim - AMC"Download PDF File "Innovative financing mechanisms for AIDS Vaccine R&D"More
Several financial solutions will be discussed which aim to tackle a long-standing development problem to develop, manufacture, and efficiently distribute health products needed in developing countries: the Product Development Partnership Financing Facility (PDPFF), prizes, patent pools, Advance Market Commitments and others.

2 Beyond Lending: Managing Risk and Volatility
Guillermo Perry (Center for Global Development)
Catherine Collin (European Investment Bank), David de Ferranti (Results For Development Institute), Luc Rigouzzo (Proparco)
Room C D. Workshop in English.
Download PDF File of G. Perry - "MDB’s Financial Role after the Crisis"Download PDF File of L. Rigouzzo - "Managing Risk and Volatility"More
Developing countries suffer from higher macroeconomic volatility and more frequent severe economic crises than developed countries. These differences arise from higher vulnerability and exposure to a variety of exogenous shocks and domestic structural weaknesses. Private financial markets and development banks have created a range of instruments which manage exposure to these risks but access to them remains limited.

4 Innovative Financial Solutions for Climate Change Mitigation
Stephan Opitz (KfW Entwicklungsbank)
Kevin Conrad (Coalition for Rainforest Nations), Ismid Hadad (National Council on Climate Change, Indonesia), Abyd Karmali (Bank of America/Merrill Lynch), Marcelo Labre (Standard Bank), Denis Loyer (Agence Française de Développement)
Room 2. Workshop in English.
Donwload PDF File of I. Hadad - "Financing Policies for Climate Change Mitigation in Indonesia"More
This workshop will discuss the potential of three specific categories of financial instruments for climate change mitigation: (1) the Kyoto Flexibility Mechanism (2) financing the fight against reduction of deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) and (3) financing developing and emerging countries climate change policies.

6 Advance Market Commitments for Development
Susan McAdams (The World Bank)
Tania Cernuschi (GAVI), Jan von der Goltz (Center for Global Development), Bernice Lee (Chatham House) (tbc), Rebekah Young (Finance Canada)
Room 3. Workshop in English. Download PDF File of R. Young - "Agriculture pull mechanisms"Download PDF File of T. Cernuschi - "The Pilot AMC for Vaccines"Download PDF File of J. von der Goltz - "Some considerations for an AMC in the climate context"More
Advance Market Commitments (AMCs) reduce investment uncertainty where market failure, access to finance, or high capital costs limit investment in products needed in poor countries. This workshop will explore lessons learned from the pilot AMC for pneumococcal vaccines and discuss further applications including low carbon and agricultural technology.


8 Generating Additional Resources for International Development
Christian Masset (Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development)
Robert Filipp (The Global Fund to fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria), David Hillman (Stamp Out Poverty), Inge Kaul (Expert Committee of the Task Force on International Financial Transactions and Development)
Room Louis Armand 2. French – English translation available.
Download PDF File "Stamp Out Poverty"More
Generating additional, stable and predictable finance for development has been one of the major goals of innovative financing. Several mechanisms have raised over $2.5 billion to date. This workshop, coordinated with the Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development, will focus on options for taxing international financial transactions, and new faces of philanthropy.

10 Pledge Guarantee for Health
Luca Tortorelli (United Nations Foundation)
Mamadou Moustapha Ba (Ministry of Finance, Senegal), Papa Birama (Ministry of Health, Senegal), Mark Chiaviello (Standard bank), Susan McAdams (The World Bank), Kevin Starace (UN Foundation)
Room 2. Workshop in English.
Download PDF File "The Pledge Guarantee for Health"More
The Pledge Guarantee for Health (PGH) aims to make available timely, efficient capital to aid recipients who suffer from the delay and uncertainty often associated with donor funding. The session will cover: (1) volatility in the donor aid market (2) benefits of increasing access to short-term capital for aid recipients and (3) how a PGH transaction works, implementation plans and potential for scaling and measuring success.

12 Index-based Insurance
Ulrich Hess (The World Bank)
Panos Varangis (International Finance Corporation, IFC), Sophia Belay (Nyala Insurance, Ethiopia), Lovemore Forichi (Swiss Re), Peter Maina (Global Index Insurance Facility), Rajesh Rai (ICICI Lombard, India)
Room 3. Workshop in English.
Download PDF File "About GIIF"Download PDF File of U. Hess - "Index Insurance"More
Severe droughts, hurricanes and floods create significant losses for farmers and herders. Parametric insurance, also known as index-based insurance, could provide solutions. The insurance payout depends on a loss specified by an index serving as a proxy for the actual losses. This workshop aims to present the opportunities and challenges in launching parametric insurance projects and their scalability and sustainability.


15 Innovating to Enhance Access to Finance: Households, Farmers and Microenterprises
Bindu Ananth (IFMR Capital)
Kshama Fernandes (IFMR Capital), Alberto Lemma (ODI), Ulrich Hess (World Bank)
Room 3. Workshop in English.
Download PDF File "Access to Finance Innovations"Download PDF File of A. Lemma - "Investigating usage and barriers to access of financial services in Kenya & Tanzania"Download PDF File "Multi-Originator Securitization as a risk transfer mechanism in microfinance"More
Local banks, cooperative unions or micro finance institutions need to serve the customer in a complete sense. To do that they need to transfer community/region-specific systemic risks to other financial market participants who have a better capability to manage such risk. This workshop will focus on innovative financial market mechanisms that have facilitated such risk transfer.

17 Encouraging Start-Up Capital in Low-Income Countries
Luc Rigouzzo (Proparco)
Greg Durst (Horizon Equity), Gisèle Etamé (Genemark), Patrice Hoppenot (I&P Partners), Ziad Oueslati (Tuninvest), Christ West (Shell Foundation)
Room A B. Workshop in English
Download PDF File of L. Rigouzzo "Encouraging Start-Up Capital in Low-Income Countries"More
This workshop will tackle the issue of the limited market for start-up or venture capital (VC) in Low Income Countries. Questions to be addressed include: What do VC markets look like in these countries? What are the impediments to VC growth? What strategies and innovative financial solutions should be considered to facilitate start-up capital in these poorer countries?


19 Innovative Financial Solutions for Biodiversity Conservation
Ray Victurine (Wildlife Conservation Society)
Julien Calas (Fonds Français pour l’Environnement Mondial), Geo Dutki (Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Trust, Uganda), Neel Inamdar (Verde Ventures – Conservation International), Robin Naidoo (WWF)
Room 4. Workshop in English.
Download PDF File "Innovative financing for biodiversity conservation"More
Trust funds, payments for environmental services and compensation offsetting are some of the innovative financial solutions in development to promote biodiversity conservation. The workshop will focus on the financial needs to ensure the conservation of biodiversity, look at some of the latest innovative financing tools and examine their strengths and their limitations.