JM. Severino
Managing Director "AFD"

JM. Severino - Managing Director "Agence Française de Développement" on the Marketplace - on innovative Financial Solutions for Development explains some key concepts which led to the creation of this marketplace and to the actions of his organization.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Managing Director "World Bank Group"

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala - Managing Director "World Bank Group" - on the Marketplace on Innovative Financial Solutions for Development is explaining her views for development. Fighting poverty is for her the central challenge : health, access to water, sanitation... and build institutions to make developing countries able to lead their development by themselves.

Geoffrey Lamb
"Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation"

Geoffrey Lamb Managing - Director Public Policy operations of "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" - on the Marketplace on Innovative Financial Solutions for Development is delighted about the partnership with AFD and the World Bank for the creation of this event, which the fertilization of new ideas and solutions to fight poverty and make development possible.

Daniel Kimani Keef & Elisabeth Berth
Grameen Foundation

Proving the Value of Mobile Money for Microfinance
In partnership with KEEF, a mid-sized Kenyan MFI, Grameen Foundation will be working to integrate technology systems and processes to build out a model for enabling MFIs to fully leverage the power of technology in their operations, lower their overall costs, and expand their client base and product offering.

David C. Stevens & Abraham Bleiberg

Affinity Macrofinance: Financial Guarantees
Affinity MacroFinance (AM) will finance health, education, SMEs, micro lending, insurance, infrastructure and other development activities by providing AAA guarantees to bond investors in 80 emerging world capital markets.

Baptiste Camareri & Aurélie Duthoit

Ch@ng€ for Micro Credits
The French online lending platform - proposes to develop a “money box” (l’A Peu Prêt) for e-commerce transactions.

Miguel Robles & Ruth Vargas Hill

Weather Securities, Reducing Risk for Farmers
The innovation of our approach is to move from a single index-based insurance policy, to a system of several simple weather securities with fixed payments.

Nitin Pandit
President of IIEC

EcoTRA: EcoHousing Trust and Retention Accounts
EcoTRA attempts to finance energy efficiency retrofits in existing residential buildings. EcoTRA proposes to establish trust and retention (escrow) accounts to finance climate-friendly interventions in common areas of co-operative housing societies.